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A thing of beauty - Short Documentary

A thing of beauty - Short Documentary


Short Documentary | 2 minutes

In 1936, on the day of the inauguration of the Dominion Public Building, the London Free Press chronicler wrote that the new building was “a thing of beauty architecturally and a joy forever in the completeness of its appointments and fittings". It was not the first time that Keats’s words were paraphrased to refer to a work of art. However, the idea is still effective as a summary of the architectural and heritage values of this public landmark. A Thing of Beauty is a sequence of images of the Dominion Building captured on the morning of September 8th, 2014.  The citizens of London are not used to see the building reflecting the early morning hours –it is located in the Downtown, mainly a commercial and professional area-. The short film presents them with a unique view of the building in the light of late summer, when the city is about to enter in a new long Fall-Winter season.




Director and Producer: Juan Andrés Bello

Titles and Graphic Design: Alejandro Armas and Lorena Franzoni

Music: Sunrise by Wormwood


A Thing of Beauty was produced with the kind support of the London Heritage Council - Community Heritage Investment Program

© 2015 Triana Media

A documentary project by Juan Andres Bello, with the support of The London Heritage Council