The Dominion Public Building: Epilogue

Heritage _ Epilogue - Short Documentary

Heritage _ Epilogue - Short Documentary


Short Documentary | 4 minutes

The Dominion Public Building, located in London, Ontario is one of Canada’s heritage public landmarks. It is considered one of the best examples of early modern architecture across the nation.


It is also a case of study in terms of public policies in times of economic struggle. The building was financed under the Public Works Construction Act of 1934, a project aimed at generating employment during the Depression Years. Those were challenging years for Canada and the main objective of this policy was the creation of jobs.


 The Dominion Public Building (1934-36) is a significant architectural landmark that speaks about the will of the nation to guarantee the well-being of its citizens. This web-based documentary explores the building, its history and present day significance.


The Dominion Public Building was produced with the kind support of the London Heritage Council - Community Heritage Investment Program

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A documentary project by Juan Andres Bello, with the support of The London Heritage Council